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Take your printable design to the next level

six printables showing some of the projects in the course create printables with affinity
  • Have you tried other tools and found you just can’t quite get the professional results you want?
  • Do you like to learn by doing?
  • Short on time to learn a new program?
  • Prefer a software that you can pay for once, instead of monthly?
  • Ready to push your design skills to the next level?

Creating printables for your shop is easy, but creating professional printables that look good and sell well is harder.

Use the right tools and save yourself time and money! Learn how to use Affinity Suite for graphic design, so you can create your own beautiful printables.

If you can use Powerpoint, you can use Affinity.

Why this course?

  • I will walk you through creating over 25 printables that you can use in your business, in four popular categories, plus journals and planner pages
  • Learn to make your own simple graphics and never worry about licensing again.
  • Actionable lessons: watch, practice, make, repeat. This course is set up to create a printable a day.
  • Mix of simple and intermediate projects will keep your skill set expanding as you move through the course.
  • Sell what you make–you have the right to sell any printable you make in this course, even if you copy me exactly.
Birthday Calendar
Piano practice tracker

Who is this for?

What level of experience do I need?

This course is aimed at beginners to intermediate beginners. If you are completely new to Affinity, but have some experience designing in Powerpoint or Canva, you should be able to follow along.

If you are completely new to Affinity, consider the monthly membership and start with Using Affinity to Create Low Content Books, or Affinity Designer Basics–both are newbie friendly.

Do I need the whole Affinity suite?

I use mostly Publisher in this course, but I do switch to Designer for more graphical work. Most of what I do in Designer can also be done in Publisher (except brushes).

A lot of what I do in Publisher can be done in Designer, however I have several lessons designed to teach you different Table options and Designer does not have a Table tool.

I recommend both Publisher and Designer to get the most out of this course but if you have either one, you will still be able to follow a lot of this course. You do not need Photo.

I do not recommend trying to follow this course with the Designer iPad app as the interface is quite different.

What kind of printables will we make?

I have chosen popular printable types for this course: meals and recipes, budget, kids and home, and habits. If you are a lifestyle or family blogger these will be perfect for you. If you have a printable shop or create low content books, these are staple printables.

I aimed to include a wide variety of printables that take you beyond simple boxes and lines.

Most of the projects are designed to be printed on a full sheet of copy paper (Letter or A4), however I include a few projects where the printable is cut out from a full page.

What you will learn

This course has 6 modules and over 30 lessons. Each lesson is 10-30 minutes long and designed to walk you through making a printable, while learning features and functions in Affinity. Written notes summarizing the lesson are included below each video as well as “assignments” for you to implement the lesson.

Module 1: Basic Printables

In this module we will create some basic printable assets that you can re-use like lined pages, checklists, and calendars. We will also create planner layouts and bullet journal starter pages.

  • Document setup and creating your own presets
  • Create a lined prompt journal page
  • Create a checklist, with and without glyphs
  • Create a monthly calendar
  • Bullet Journal starter pages: make dot grid paper and frames with a hand drawn feel (uses brushes in Designer)
  • Weekly, monthly (list style) and daily planner layouts

Module 2: Habit Trackers

Let the fun begin. We start out with a couple of easy habit trackers, then move on to the popular partial circular habit tracker!

  • Calendar style habit tracker
  • Grid habit tracker
  • 270 degree circle habit tracker
  • Multi-habit full page tracker
  • Flower mood tracker

Module 3: Kitchen Printables

This themed set of printables is all about food and cooking. The recipe cards will show you how to set up cards with cut lines and the kitchen conversions lesson will start you creating your own simple graphics–no art skills required!

  • Grocery list
  • Pantry or freezer inventory
  • Cut at home recipe cards
  • Meal planner
  • Kitchen conversions graphics

Module 4: Budget Printables

In this module we explore another popular category of printables: budgeting. We will dig into more table options, make more of our own simple graphics, and create a cash envelope template that you can re-purpose endlessly.

  • Bill Tracker
  • Debt repayment tracker (with graphics)
  • Monthly budget
  • Savings jar graphic
  • Cut at home cash envelopes

Module 5: Home & Family

Our last themed printable set is about keeping your family and home organized. The piano practice tracker is my favorite project in this course, and I will show you how to use the pen tool to make your own simple color by number pages, two ways. And yes, still no art skills required!

  • Kid’s chore chart (create colorful text headers)
  • Piano practice tracker
  • Birthday calendar
  • Kid’s activity page: color by number two ways
  • Photo frame/scrapbook page

Module 6: Decorate your Printables

Now that you have all these printables made, let’s make them pretty. We will look at creating your own color palettes, make borders two ways, create a template for cover/spines and tabs (for printable binders), create a collage by mixing public domain assets with original elements, and ideas for changing up the look and feel of your printables.

  • Palettes and colors
  • Spines and tabs for binders
  • Borders and brushes
  • Collages for covers
  • Re-purposing ideas

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What students are saying

Ok, I love this course so far. You are an awesome teacher. I know from some KDP FB groups I’m in that people are really struggling because they think Affinity is too hard to learn but you make it so SIMPLE and easy. I also like that you leave in when things don’t go right and show them how to troubleshoot.

I’m really comfortable in Affinity having learned the Adobe  Suite 14 years ago (yikes, has it been that long!) but I’m picking up tips and tricks too.
Shannon F.
Creative Printable Designs

What students are saying

Your program was so helpful bc it was designed to teach just what I wanted to do-make printables for myself and family. I loved how you showed the whole process from looking for ideas through the format in which to save. I had tried a couple of others but I still could not make printables. 

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