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I pay 40% on all sales made through your referrals. Purchases that you make through your own referral link do not apply. Recurring memberships earn recurring commissions for as long as that membership remains active.

Important: Once you refer a new customer, you are their affiliate for life. You will receive commissions on any future purchases that customer makes, even if you never promote me again. This also means that referrals of existing customers may not net a commission as that customer may already be attached to another affiliate.

Payments: I pay commissions twice a month (Mondays) by Paypal.

Cookies: Cookies are set for 90 days. If a customer makes a purchase during those 90 days, you will be credited. If another affiliate refers that customer after you, the last cookie wins.

Affiliate Dashboard: When you log in to your member dashboard, click on the Affiliate tab to see your affiliate link as well as your referral stats.

Swipes and promo images: You have permission to use the main product image in your promotions, as well as any other images I may provide on JV pages. Swipes will be provided for major course launches.

Taxes: You are responsible for all taxes in your jurisdiction.

Promotion: By signing up, you agree to promote Printables Academy in a way that is honest, ethical and follows all internet rules and etiquette. In other words, don’t spam people, don’t promise things I can’t deliver, and don’t use shady tactics to get the sale. Failure to abide by these rules will result in immediate removal as an affiliate. If your account is terminated, any commissions earned by illegal means will not be paid. Any commissions made unethically may be held until the period of chargebacks has been exceeded.

Terms and Conditions: By submitting an affiliate application, you agree that you have read the terms and conditions for this affiliate program and will abide by them.

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