Garden Planner Printable Workshop for Affinity Publisher (V2)

In this workshop we will walk through researching and designing a garden planner printable using Affinity Publisher.

If you are just interested in the design tutorial (or want to get a sense of how I teach) you can find that on my Youtube channel.

In this enhanced paid workshop you will also get:

  • A 5 minute video showing how I researched what to create
  • An Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) with Etsy keywords, Etsy competitor research, Etsy tags & word cloud, KDP keywords, KDP category ideas, and Google keywords
  • Design videos ad-free and broken into 5 separate videos
  • Downloadable transcript of all 6 videos
  • Commercial rights (PLR) to the 6 printable layouts I demonstrate (.afpub file)

Tip: I recommend taking the printables in this workshop as a starting point and adding pages of your own (or mix and match from other PLR). Use the keyword lists to brainstorm niched down planner ideas.

Tip #2: Re-purpose these pages as a low content book.


  1. I do not include any search volumes but rather lists of keywords to help you create optimized descriptions and discover ideas for niching your garden planner further.
  2. You may use the PLR to the printables to create products for your end user. You may not re-distribute the .afpub files or sell this with PLR rights. You do not have PLR rights to the training itself.

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