Affinity Publisher Basics

Get Started Quickly With The Basic Tools

  • Want to create print documents in a professional software but feel intimidated by InDesign?
  • Free and low cost options not giving your the features you want?
  • Got this program on sale and it is collecting digital dust?

Affinity Publisher is the perfect solution for digital and print creatives that want professional features without a monthly subscription.  It is also has a simpler interface than programs like InDesign. Let me show you the basics of how to use this amazing program.

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a new document
  • A tour of the toolbars and windows
  • Place an image
  • Working with text, including text flow
  • Master page basics
  • Add page numbering
  • Export a PDF
We’ll make a simple document together to learn the basics of creating a print layout

This course is perfect for beginners to Affinity Publisher. It is the perfect place to start and if you want to learn more, take a look at Using Affinity Publisher for Low Content Books (beginner friendly) and Create Printables in Affinity (advanced beginner to intermediate).

Course Outline

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Create a New Document
  • Tour of the Workspace: Toolbar and Contextual Toolbar
  • Tour of the Workspace: Menu and Top Toolbar
  • Tour of the Workspace: Windows

Module 2: Image and Text

  • Two types of text tools
  • Place an Image
  • Using the Artistic Text tool
  • Using the Frame Text tool
  • Text formatting basics
  • Change text color
  • Create text boxes that flow to the next page

Module 3: Master Pages

  • What is a master page and creating a new one
  • Add automatic page numbering to your document
  • Export a PDF

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