Basic Seamless Patterns in Affinity Designer


  • Confused by pattern design methods that require “masking?”
  • Having trouble visualizing the final results when creating layouts?
  • Ending up with empty spaces or cluttered spaces?

With Affinity Designer, problems solved!

What you will learn

  • Set up an Affinity Designer pattern tile and a live preview all on one screen. Now you can see a preview as you design
  • Create a pattern tile with a simple repeat using the Shape Tool with objects that do not overlap the edges (see polka dot image above)
  • Create a pattern tile with imported images that do overlap the edges (butterfly image)
  • Export your tile and do one final test
  • All this in just 30 minutes! This mini-workshop is just the nuts and bolts of creating seamless pattern tiles. No fluff–just how-to.

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