Digital Sticker Basics

Want to Learn an Easy Way to Create Digital Stickers Fast?

  • Want to scale your sticker business using systems?
  • Want to export and crop your stickers in bulk?
  • Tired of fussing with complicated software or using workarounds in software not really made for graphic design?
  • Let me show you how Affinity Designer makes it easy and inexpensive to start making digital stickers for yourself or for your business

What You Will Learn

  • How to set up your document
  • Why you should create a template for your sticker sets
  • How to create shape based stickers as well as text stickers
  • How to create new shapes by joining multiple shapes together
  • How to fill your stickers with solid colors, gradients, and patterns
  • How to slice your sticker sheet so you can export all your stickers as png’s with the click of a button.

Sample Lesson:

Course Outline

  • Set up your document (3:49)
  • Template setup: basic shapes (11:14)
  • Template setup: compound shapes (7:00)
  • Outlined text stickers (7:07)
  • Filling your stickers (6:13)
  • Slice & export your stickers (5:31)
  • Update: Easy slicing in one click (4:08)

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