Gift Tags Workshop

Learn to create gift tags with Affinity Designer

  • Diversify your digital shop. Create printable gift tag sheets quickly with Affinity Designer.
  • Create your own templates that make gift tag (and bookmark) creation as easy as click and fill
  • Easily fill with colors, gradients, and digital patterns (from an image) in minutes
  • Export in bulk with just a few clicks

Affinity Designer is a solid alternative to Illustrator that has a much simpler interface.  It also can be purchased for a reasonable, one time fee. Let me show how to create these fun products using one of my favorite programs in the Affinity suite.

What You Will Learn

  • Where to research gift tags, types of tags, themes, and file formats to use
  • Design your own templates using shapes
  • Fill and decorate your tags with patterns, textures, clip art and text
  • Use styles and effects in Designer to enhance your tags
  • Export to various formats using Export Persona
Learn to make shapes, text and work with colors

Over one hour of video lessons.

This workshop is beginner friendly, however a basic understanding of Designer is assumed (creating text, using colors, placing images). Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • Overview of the course
  • Researching gift tags before designing

Module 2: Designing you tags

  • Tags with simple shapes
  • Tags with complex shapes and cutouts
  • Decorating your tags
  • More ways to decorate, and Effects/Styles
  • Punching “holes” in your tags
  • Creating a faux hole reinforcement stickers
  • Create double sided tags
  • More template options

Module 3: Export your tags

  • Export options

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