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All Courses Retiring Dec 29, 2023

Due to the need to find a better life/work balance, I am retiring all course sales at the end of 2023. The site will remain, your course access will remain, and I will continue to create blog posts and YouTube tutorials as I am able.

Important: Almost all of these courses were filmed with Affinity V1. The major difference is for every panel that was under the View–>Studio menu, you can now find those panels under the Windows menu in V2. Since I am retiring these courses, they are as-is with no planned updates. You should still be able to follow these lessons but I have a Facebook Group for students if you ever have any questions.


Digital Sticker Basics

Affinity Designer makes it easy to set up sticker templates that you can re-use again and again to jumpstart your digital sticker shop.


Low Content Books with Affinity Publisher

Learn to use this affordable but professional software to take your low content books to the next level.


Create Printables With Affinity

Learn to create awesome printables in Affinity Publisher and Designer. This action-based course will show you how to make a wide variety of printables that you can sell.

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And learn which digital products can be made in which software. Stickers? Planners? SVG’s…this and many more. Learn which Affinity products I would use and why, plus some non-Affinity alternatives.

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I have been creating low content books and printables since 2017 and I want to help you overcome your biggest roadblocks to creating the digital empire of your dreams.