Your Affinity Academy, this bundle will take you from absolute beginner to intermediate rock star.

Affinity 101

  • Affinity Publisher Basics: Learn how to navigate the software, and create a basic print document.
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  • Affinity Designer Basics: Learn how to work with images, shapes, text and more.
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Affinity 201

  • Using Affinity Publisher for Low Content Books: Starting at the beginning, learn to use Publisher to create journal and planner interiors, as well as layout your covers. Also includes tips for creating a puzzle or coloring book interior.
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Affinity 301

  • Create Printables in Affinity: Take your skills further learning to create 20+ printable projects in Publisher and Designer. By the end of this course, you can officially call yourself an intermediate user and should have all the skills you need for a low content or printable based business.
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A $168 value, save 35% when you bundle these four courses together.

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