Cute Animal Illustrations

No drawing skills required!

  • Want to create your own graphics but can’t draw a stick figure?
  • Want a easy way to create illustrations even if you don’t own a drawing tablet?
  • Do you create products for kids–stickers, printables, worksheets, activity books and tired of confusing license terms?

Learn how to create your own simple graphics in Affinity Designer in this new workshop. It’s easier than you think!

What You Will Learn

  • Setting up your document
  • Creating compound shapes
  • Working with nodes
  • Using the color picker tool
  • Working with shape options
  • Using the pen and node tools
  • Working with and editing imported SVG’s
We’ll make this cute little penguin using an AI generated reference image

Pre-Requisites: This course is beginner friendly. It will be helpful if you have some very basic knowledge of Designer already. You can check out my course Affinity Designer Basics if you are brand new to Affinity, or my YouTube channel.

We will also create these adorable animals:

Koala Bear created by combining two public domain SVG’s and adding a few original elements.
Created using a photograph as a reference.

Over an hour of instruction divided into 13 videos

Or scroll down for all-access options.

What can you do with these?

  • Create stickers for your craft machine
  • Create digital stickers for your apps
  • Decorate home school worksheets
  • Decorate kids printables and activity books
  • Create nursery wall art
  • Remove the color and create coloring pages (may require additional steps)

NOTE: This workshop demonstrates creating the illustrations only, and does not cover the above uses.

Course Outline

Module 1: Penguin

  • Document Setup
  • Penguin Body
  • Penguin Belly
  • Penguin Face
  • Penguin Feet

Module 2: Koala Bear

  • Koala Bear Setup
  • Edit SVG’s in Designer/Koala Head
  • Koala Face
  • Koala Body

Module 3: Giraffe

  • Giraffe Body
  • Giraffe Face
  • Giraffe Hooves & Tail
  • Adding Spots

What my beta testers thought:

Such a great art skill to develop

Learning how to see the various geometric shapes that make up any graphic image is such a great art skill to develop.  This can be applied to other applications beyond Affinity too, including just drawing on paper with a basic pencil (and then retracing with a Sharpie pen afterward).
Linda D.

I enjoyed this course.

I enjoyed this course. I like how Catherine teaches how to see the shapes as she shows you step by step how to easily create these cute animals. These will make fun stickers and graphics for kids pages.
Shannon F.

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