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Latest Launch: Create Printables with Affinity

Launch Date: Wednesday 9/22/2021

Pricing: Regular price $97; launch special $67 through 9/30/21

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Are you ready to learn how to use Affinity Publisher to create beautiful printables for your blog or Etsy shop? Catherine has a new course that will show you how to create professional printables using Affinity Publisher and Designer. You will review the basics of using the software and then dive into features that will take your designs to the next level.

She will demonstrate a variety of printables and has set it up so you will come out of the course with over 25 printables that you can sell. These are themed into evergreen printables (journals, planners, calendars), budget, habit trackers, home and family, and food and kitchen so you can bundle these into sets. In the last module, she will show you different ways to decorate your printables including creating covers and spines for binders.

The sales page has some examples of the printables you will be making. The birthday calendar, piano practice, and color by number shark caught my eye. If you’ve been wanting to branch out beyond KDP or basic workbook style printables, this may be the course you need to set yourself apart.

With over 6 hours of content divided into 25+ actionable projects this course is a steal at $97, but until 9/30 you can get it for just $67. She also has a monthly membership option, but this is the kind of course you are going to want to refer back to.

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More and more people are discovering the awesome value of Affinity design products. Maybe you picked one or more up during their pandemic sales but haven’t gotten past opening a new document. Create Printables in Affinity is here to get you over that hump. Catherine has already helped over 300 students learn Affinity and she is back to help you learn more with over 25 printable projects.

If you like to learn by doing, this course will be perfect. She begins with some simple printables, but then starts throwing in some intermediate projects that will help you learn cool and useful features in Affinity. By the time you are done, you will know how to create tables in Publisher and learn about all the options and settings. She will also show you how to mask, create compound shapes, align, work with layers, work with nodes and rotation, and more.

There is a Graphics module where she creates a collage for a cover, two different types of borders, shows how to use and make simple brushes, re-purpose your printables, and create color palettes. Say goodbye to confusing license terms and make your own graphics, no drawing skills required (you don’t even need a tablet, just a mouse).

Now if all that sounds a bit over your head rest assured, it’s easier than it sounds. She will walk you through it step by step, and has included written lesson notes under each video. If you didn’t already know, Catherine is actually an experienced college instructor by day with a passion for online education, and her students say she has a knack for breaking complex concepts into easy to understand language.

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Time is running out to save $30 on Create Printables in Affinity. Here’s a few answers to some common questions.

Do I need all of the Affinity suite to take this course?

No, I primarily use Publisher. Some of the graphics based lessons do use Designer, but most of these projects could also be done in Publisher. The interfaces of both programs are quite similar. The main difference is there is no table tool in Designer, and no brushes in Publisher. I use the table tool in multiple printables in order to show the different features and options. The brushes are only used in a few lessons and even then, are optional. You do not need Photo.

Can I do this on Designer for iPad?

I use a desktop version of Affinity for this course. The interface of Designer on the iPad is quite different so I do not recommend using the app to follow this course.

What’s the difference between the one time price and monthly membership?

With the single payment of $67 during this launch, you get ongoing access to the course. With the monthly membership, you get access to all current and future courses for as long as you are a member. If you cancel, you lose access at the end of the current billing period.

What level of experience do I need?

This course assumes you are a beginner to intermediate beginner. If you have opened Affinity before and have played around a bit you should be able to jump right in. Or, if you feel comfortable with designing in Powerpoint or Canva the transition should be straightforward. If you are completely new to any design software, choose the monthly option and start with Affinity Designer Basics or Using Affinity Publisher for Low Content Books–both are newbie friendly. If you already use Affinity, my beta testers were already Affinity users and each said they learned something new.

What if I need help?

There is a private Facebook group that you can join to ask questions, share your work, and just hang out with other like minded creative entrepreneurs. This is the best way to get help–share a Loom video of your problem so I can see what is happening. Facebook also makes it easy for me to screenshare a response.